Saturday, March 30, 2013

love, devotion & happiness

love, devotion & happiness

Love is a primary energy seeking continuous purification, purification just like the petroleum seek. Love in its raw form is kaam – lust. When the minds meet it becomes prem – love. The journey doesn’t ends here. When souls meet it is called bhaktidevotion.

Kaam is the union of the body, it is the first step. When their minds meet it is Prem. This union is beautiful & poetic but incomplete. The last station is bhakti. Bhakti is achieved when the souls meet. Paramanand - moksh – Bliss is experienced in bhakti. Bhakti is the only way of achieving glory & the highest form happiness - bliss, a state where you don’t experience any other feeling but happiness. Bhakti can only be achieved if one wins over kaam & prem - in that order.

Relationship between two humans would be too obvious to explain this case.
Can bhakti be achieved by a human for an object?

For example a man buys a new car. He drives it. This is kaam – his lust – the union of bodies .then with time he understands it i.e. their mind meet, then right there a faint hint of love is observed, if he doesn’t understand this relationship & works towards maintaining it if not improving it, it rolls back to lust. If he meliorates his understanding the bond grows – prem badhta hai. A stage is reached when he takes care of it, maintains it. The vehicle enjoys its owner’s confidence no matter what the situation is. This is when bhakti is achieved. Every other positive feeling is there. Again if he starts to neglect the car, the relationship starts rolling back. This is the reason we still have working vintage cars. What keeps those car working is not the collector’s love for cars but his bhakti – his devotion and by achieving bhakti he achieves the zenith of happiness.

Bhakti of a person for his god.
A baby is born. As he grows up, he is told about his religion, his path to nirvana & his god. This baby now a child starts asking his bhagwan – his god for favors. The god provides him with those favors. This is kaam – the child’s lust. Slowly with time this child now a boy starts understanding his god. He understands god grants only those favors which is good for him & declines those which are harmful to his well being or growth. At this point the love develops in the heart & mind of the boy for his god. If the boys gets greedy & accuses his god for not granting his every wish, the relationship rolls back to lust. This boy now has faith in his god. He trusts every decision of his god, whatever he does, whether he wins or fail. He knows this is his god’s plan for his own good. This is person’s bhakti for his god. He enjoys continuous bliss till the time he devotes himself to his god. No wonder why our rishis, saints, maulvi saabs & priests are the happiest of people & people find calm at their religious places in their time of misery. The cycle of kaam , prem & bhakti starts there.